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Where to hang curtain rods?

curtain rod

Normally, hanging curtain rods on the wall outside and above the window molding appears better. This will generally allow the fabric to fall gracefully. If your window frames are detailed and would not like to cover them, hanging your curtains within the frame (an inside mount) which is best done with a tension rod can work.

The following are two hanging tricks which most decorators love mainly to maximize the windows. You are at liberty to choose one of the techniques or just use both in one window. 


Hang above the frame

For you to create an illusion of a taller window, it is advisable that you mount the curtain rod about four to six inches above your window. You can too do it halfway between the ceiling molding and the frame. However, you should never go beyond eight inches. It will just appear awkward. If you mount your rod on the ceiling, you lengthen your windows. Ensure that you count for the extra fabric during the measurements.

Hang wider than the frame

When you extend your curtain rods for about three to six inches away from your frame, on both sides, you make your windows feel outstanding. This will lead to some extra light into your house when you open the curtains. This is because the curtain will just hang against and won’t block the glass. This plan can still be used for the purpose of revealing the pretty modeling. For this techniques, you should leave around twelve inches on both sides. You should adjust your measurements for some good look.  

Types of rods to use

The type of decorative curtain rod you choose should be related to the style of your room. The types which are usually completely hidden from view are chosen according to the function only. The following are the common options

  1. Classic rods

These rods often feature ornamentals and are adjustable. These help in their attachment to the wall with their brackets. You should match the given metals to the other finishes in your room. If you would like to layer your window with sheers, you can purchase a double rod version.  

  1. Return rod

This is an adjustable u-shape curtain rod which is screwed directly to the wall. The panels are wrapped around the curves inside which helps in blocking out the light. These rods have also been availed in double-rods.

  1. Track rod

In this rods, drapery hooks attach to the pulleys which are on a track. These rods can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall. Some of these rods look like the finals. They conceal the various moving parts inside the pole. The curtains will be able to glide effortlessly.  

  1. Tension rods

These are the cheapest and easiest rods with the least durable option. These rods can adjust fitting any window frame without any hardware. These rods are mainly meant for the café curtains or the lightweight panels.  

Installations of the curtain rods

Hanging the curtain rods by yourself is not quite hard. However, you can call a handyman for the installation. You will then pay them an about $55 to $95 per hour. These rods are availed with instructions and the mounting hardware which makes it easy for one to install it. The installation involves a tape measure, a stepladder, a handheld drill, a pencil, a stud finder, a level and a screwdriver.  

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