What are thermal curtains?

bedroom with thermal curtain

Thermal curtains are type curtains which are aesthetically pleasing to your home décor and windows. They are made of heavy, thick material, for example, polyester and cotton. These material are good at preventing air from entering your house, provide an increased privacy and even prevent air from escaping your window. It is advisable that each time you choose the thermal curtains you should consider the style which best complements your décor and a good length to help elevate the look of your window. The following will help you get a more understanding of these type of curtains.


The size of these curtains will mainly depend on the style you want and the size of your window. When you generally apply the rule of the thumb, the measurement of the distance between the floor and the ceiling helps in the obtaining a precise length. These curtains are in most cases availed with lengths of 120 inches, 108 inches, 95 inches, 84 inches and 63 inches. After choosing the right size of your window, you can hang the thermal curtains in any of your windows which produces a draft. You can also use them in the door windows. The given window coverings become more effective in the cases where they are pulled completely from any window frame. They are made with an insulated and heavy fabric which are excellent in the prevention of air into or out of your house.   

Which rooms are better for the thermal curtains?

The rooms which are exposed to the natural light are ideal for the thermal curtains. When you hang this curtains on curtain rods in such rooms, you help create a soothing daytime environment with an exclusion of light. The thick material used in the making of these curtains are good in the dampening of the outside noise. This makes such curtains best fit the rooms near loud sounds. If you use these types of curtains in your bathroom, ensure you use the water-resistant fabric to eliminate mold and withstand humidity. These curtains, compared to the blackout curtains work best in the prevention of heat loss in a room while the blackout is best at blocking light.  

Do the thermal curtains save energy?

These curtains are beneficial to the homes with air conditioning or central heating since the energy efficient thermal curtains prevent air from leaving or entering the rooms. During the winter season, the thermal curtains reduce the amount of heat required to heat a house since they help keep the heat inside hence helps save money on the utility bills. In summer, these curtains prevent the cold air inside from escaping hence reducing the cooling cost.

Maintenance of thermal curtains

Based on the fabric and style of the thermal curtain, maintenance of these curtains can be complicated as taking them to a dry cleaner or even as simple as tossing them in the washer. It is advisable that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper maintenance of these curtains. For minor care, ensure that you frequently open the curtains to eliminate mildew and reduce moisture. Based on the fabric, using a vacuum cleaner to remove the excess cleaner and spraying the curtains with a spray-on upholstery cleaner works well.        

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