How to Keep Shower Curtain from Blowing in


Gone are the days when shower doors were common. Shower curtains have taken over. It’s because the curtains are quite affordable and can give you’re a bathroom a fancy and stylish look just like your light blocking curtains. Plus, you can buy several sets of curtains, and you can switch them on the regular to avoid monotony.

Nevertheless, as well as these shower curtains are they do, have disadvantages. One of the drawbacks is the ‘blow in’ effect. Shower curtains regularly blow in and cling to your body. It’s quite annoying.

However, worry no more because the days of shower curtains blowing in on you while showering is over. Below are some tips that will guide you on how to keep shower curtains from blowing in. As a result, you will be able to shower in peace with minimal interference.

Ways to stop the Shower Curtain from Blowing in

  • Using a Curtain Bouncer

A curtain bouncer is a handy tool. However, most people usually doubt it because it looks a bit fragile, but its design makes it helpful in preventing clinging of shower curtains. The curtain bouncer slides smoothly as you open or close the curtains. It’s also advantageous because it can fit into most rods. It’s made of polypropylene. The manufacturers claim that the curtain bouncer shouldn’t break under normal conditions. However, it’s advisable you handle it with ease.

  • Use of Magnets

It is the most popular way that people use to stop the shower curtains from blowing in. Fixing the magnets is quite easy, and you can do it yourself. All you need to do is purchase powerful, medium-sized magnets. Then you should attach them to the bottom of the curtains. The magnets will function as weights to hold down the curtain, and they will also stick to the tub. Magnets are quite useful because they are easy to install unlike other curtain blow in prevention measures. Moreover, their magnetic force allows them to hold in one particular position. It’s also advisable to space them evenly if you are using them to add weight. It will reduce the chances of magnets sticking to each other.

  • Use of Clever Weights

These objects are made mainly for shower curtains. Their function is to weigh down the curtain. Plus it also helps in ensuring the shower curtain to maintain a level similar to that of the bathtub. They can easily clip to the curtains and are available in several shapes and colors. You can, therefore, choose clever weights that will spice up the appearance of your bathroom.

Therefore other than keeping your shower curtain from blowing in, clever weights add an elegant and stylish look to your bathroom. This aspect of this product makes it one of the best anti blow product on the market.

  • Using of a Curved Shower Curtain Rod

The curved rods are quite efficient, and most of them can comfortably fit most bathtub enclosures. They can be adjusted easily, and you won’t have to worry about cutting the rod. They are therefore very easy to install and are quite affordable.

The curved shower curtain rod creates some extra space that reduces the chances of the shower curtain from sticking to your body. The additional space ensures comfortability and convenience, therefore, improving your showering experience. The curved aspect of the rod also guarantees that the curtain won’t blow to the extent that it touches your body.

  • Using Shower Curtain Clips

As little as they are, the curtain clips are quite useful. They hold the curtain out and away. Once you purchase them, all you need to do is to stick them. The clips have a strong adhesive that ensures the curtain sticks for an extended period. You can use two on one side to make it more efficient.

Other than preventing blowing in, the clips will aid in stopping water splashes from escaping on to the other side of the curtain.

As you can see above, these objects are quite handy when it comes to preventing shower curtains from blowing in. However, before purchasing these products, you should choose the one that you think will work best for you.

Nonetheless, there are ‘Do It Yourself’ solutions that can help you out if you are looking for a temporary and quick fix for this problem. You can hang home objects such as towels to add weight to the curtains. You should also avoid purchasing lightweight curtains.

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