Do Soundproof Curtains Work?

sound proof curtainSoundproof curtains are curtains used to reduce the noise either at home or even in the offices. The curtains are made just like any other curtains expect they consist of a durable and dense material that blocks the noise from coming in.

Note that although the curtains to block the intense sounds, it does not eliminate the noises from getting into the house. Some of the areas that the soundproof curtains are used include in schools, homes, offices if they are in the middle of the streets and theaters as well.

There are a lot of contradicting myths regarding if these curtains indeed work or not. But before we answer that questions let us see some of the tips that one can use when choosing the soundproof curtains.

The size

The size of your windows determines the size of the curtain to buy. So before you buy the curtains, measure the window from the curtain rod to the floor to know the size of the curtains to get. Different windows require different curtains as some need floor curtains while other require window size curtains. But, the bottom line is that you should have the correct measurements before you purchase it.

The material

This is the central part to focus on when buying your soundproof curtain. The thickness of the material plays a huge role in determining the effect of the curtain. This is because the thicker the fabric is, the more sound it will block from the outside.

So, focus on the quality and thickness of the material before you purchase your soundproof curtains. The best materials recommended are the fiberglass and vinyl.

The style

The style of your curtain rod will determine the kind of curtains to buy. There are different hanging styles that people prefer to use for their homes depending maybe on the ease to draw or decor.

So if your home or office has curtain hooks, make sure the curtains you buy are made of hook holes. If your curtain rod is made of a long metal, make sure the curtains you buy have large holes for inserting the metal.


Purchasing for soundproof curtains is not as easy as compared to other ordinary curtains. First off, you need to buy the right material and also ensure that they are of good quality. Such curtains are usually sold at a high price, and therefore you need to be cautious when buying them.

Research about the best dealers in your local areas and also ensure they have experience of selling the curtains. If you are purchasing the curtains online, buy from a reliable dealer as well.

Test the curtains

Before you purchase the curtains from the outlet, you need to test for their reliability and quality. Some of the details to use in testing include;

  • Transparency: Soundproof curtains should be entirely opaque such that no sound will go through. You can use a flashlight to test for the transparency and if you see the light from the flash reflected on the other side of the curtain, know it is not too soundproof.
  • The weight of the material: If you try to lift the material of the curtain and find it too heavy, this shows that the curtains are excellent for blocking sounds. As we saw earlier the heavier the curtains will be the more sounds they will block out.

Get a warranty

A good dealer who sells soundproof curtain should offer a warranty such that you can always return the curtains for exchange in the case where they fail to work. Some dealers provide six-month warranty, or it could be less depending on how confident they are regarding the effectiveness of the curtains.

So buy from such dealers as it is safer and you are guaranteed that the curtains are of high quality and reliable too.

So do soundproof curtains work?

The answer to this question is yes! Soundproof curtains do work by blocking out the noises as long you buy the right curtains. So follow the above tips to guide you in purchasing the appropriate soundproof curtains for your house or office.

Although you are not guaranteed to get a 100 percent soundproof from the home or office since there are other noise inlets and openings in the house, the curtains help in reducing a high percentage of noises that come through the windows.

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