How To Remove Mold From Curtains Naturally?

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People don’t have to throw away a curtain the moment that it starts to develop mold. It is possible to remove mold from the drapes naturally. These methods will be completely safe in every way. People will not have to worry about hurting their pets, their children, or anyone else in the immediate environment.

These remedies are free of unhealthy toxins. In many cases, there is no rinsing involved with these methods. People will just need spray bottles, and they will be able to fix a mold infestation quickly and effectively.

Create a Vinegar Solution

There are studies that suggest that vinegar kills 82 percent of household mold spores at least. White vinegar is completely safe and will generally allow people to easily get rid of mold infestations that have occurred. Diluting the white vinegar with water will make the odor go away, although the odor will tend to go away on its own.

People just need to apply the vinegar solution to the affected area, leave it alone for a few hours, and then wipe the entire mold away with a brush or a towel. This will have a tendency to completely eliminate the mold from the drapes or curtain rod.

Baking Soda

Many different household issues can be solved safely with baking soda, in fact. It’s certainly excellent at removing mold. The baking soda needs to be dissolved into water to create a solution. Some people will mix vinegar into the solution, but baking soda and vinegar each work fine on their own.

Spraying the diluted baking soda onto the affected area, letting it stand for an hour or so, and then wiping off the area should give people the results that they want. Baking soda has no strong odor, unlike vinegar, particularly after it is diluted.

Citrus Seed Extract

This is one of the many natural herbal remedies that will have a lot of uses around the house. It is also one of the safest remedies that people can use. The fact that it does not have a strong odor should help most people as well. This is a remedy that works best when it is heavily diluted, which means that it will last people for a long time.

Taking twenty drops of the citrus seed extract and diluting it with two cups of water will suffice. People will then just need to spray it all onto the affected area on the drapes or curtain hooks. There is no need to rinse off the solution. People just need to wipe it off with a towel or a brush.

Tea Tree Oil

People who have pets might want to be cautious about using tea tree oil around the house. If the tea tree oil is heavily diluted, it will be safe. If one percent of a water solution contains tea tree oil, that should be safe to use, and it should still be effective at getting rid of the mold that people might have around the house. However, they might have to use more of it in order to get the results that they want and need.

However, people who have no pets will find it easier to use the tea tree oil to remove mold from their drapes. Diluting it in only two cups of water should be enough. Applying this solution to the drape material, letting it stand for two hours or so, and then wiping everything away should give people the results that they want.

Tea tree oil has a very strong odor if it is not diluted, and it will make people think of pine trees. This odor tends to fade, and if the solution is diluted, it will be fairly weak. A weaker solution should still be powerful when it comes to reducing the mold on drapes and eliminating it altogether.


People might need to use these solutions several times in order to get rid of all of the molds on their drapes. However, they should still get results with time. These solutions can be used to get rid of the mold in the surrounding areas of the drapes as well, which can make a huge difference. All of these cleaners are instrumental in keeping a home free of mold.

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