How to Measure Windows for Curtains?

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Measuring windows in preparation for getting new curtains should be easier than a lot of other similar household tasks. Windows are fairly easy to measure, and curtains hang over them. If people want to have more complex arrangements of curtains, that might have an effect on whether or not they will need to perform more complex measurements for their room darkening curtains.

However, for the most part, this is a task that just requires a little care and some accurate measuring tape. It’s a good idea to test the measuring tape first, since there are lots of misprints with measuring tape. From there, people can begin measuring everything that they need for their curtains.

Getting the Right Window Measurements

The windows need to be measured both inside and outside of the frame. The inner window measurements, which will include the length and the width measurement, will help people get an idea of the amount of sunlight the windows will take in regularly.

People will vary in terms of their sunlight preferences, which is one of the reasons why they need to get a sense of the inner and outer window measurements. However, even if a curtain covers the inner section of a window, there will be light gaps around the sides. Some people will want those light gaps.

Others will want to hide the light gaps or otherwise have the curtains cover the full window frame. This means that the curtains need to be wider and broader than the outermost measurements of the windows.

Measuring the windows in terms of width might be more complicated than measuring them in terms of length, since most people want their curtains to be longer than the windows. However, some people might want them to be a lot longer than the windows, while other people will want them to be nearly as long.

Knowing the distance between the bottom of the window and the floor can help people get a sense of the length of material that they need for the curtains.

Setting the Mood

There really is no objective correct curtain length and coverage. Some people want to let in a lot of sunlight. Other people will more or less want their windows completely covered. Having a lot of sunlight is ideal for many homeowners, and it might be specifically what others are trying to avoid. Both groups should keep all of their goals in mind with the measurements that they take.

Some curtain lengths will make a room look very formal. People who are going for this look, possibly because they have a very traditional interior design style, will need to add two to four inches of additional fabric to the length that they measure initially. This will allow the curtains to hit the floor.

In order to make the curtains as private as possible and in order to hold back the sun, it is important to measure the curtains so there are four to five extra inches of fabric on both sides. A measuring process like these will allow people to create the ideal blackout curtains.

Drapery Rod

The drapery rod will make all the difference in the world with regards to the measurements that people will need to take. Drapery rods come in various lengths. Some of them will fit the windows and some of them will not, which is why it is important to have the measurements of the window in place before doing any other form of measuring.

The standard size for a drapery rod or a curtain rod is ten to fourteen inches. This should work well enough for the majority of different windows. Some people might struggle with finding the perfect drapery rod for their windows if they have irregular windows in some way. However, for the most part, the standard sizes should fit most windows. Knowing the inner measurement of a window should allow people to get the right drapery rod of the right size.

The curtain hook set that people will need will often come with the curtains that they choose. Unless people decide to make their own curtains, getting the curtains should be one of the easier parts of the process. There are lots of different curtains everywhere, and the measurements are indicated on the package.

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