Curtain Rods

How to make curtain rods from PVC pipes?

making curtain rod from pvc pipe

Curtains are among the perfect things which can help in maintaining privacy in the dressing room and in the house. Curtains as well serve the purpose of softening the look of window blinds which might be harsh looking.

However, for the curtains to serve all those purposes well, curtain rods are needed. You do not have to struggle to spend on purchasing expensive rods as you can make some for yourself. PVC pipes can be used for such work of making curtain rods at a lower cost.

Additionally, at times the windows of your house might be longer than 10 feet which is the longest size of curtains rods in the market. Therefore, in such a situation only DIY rods will work for your curtains. Homemade curtain rods enables you also to customize them to your preferred design and also if your window has a corner which is not in regular shape.

PVC pipe can be termed as among the ordinary materials of construction which is so versatile. This material is readily available, at a cheap price and also very simple to work on. PVC pipe can be easily cut, painted, grilled and glued.

Therefore, for most DIY projects, it’s the preferred material for use. For the PVC pipes, you can purchase them in the supermarket or even hardware store depending on your choice.


  • PVC pipes
  • Elbows of PVC pipes
  • Spray paint
  • Spray primer
  • Curtain hooks
  • Curtain panels
  • Pipe cutter

Steps of making the curtain rods

  1. Figure out the size of the rod you want before cutting then remember the finials width which sticks on the window’s other side.
  2. Measure the PVC pipe then mark where you need to make the cuttings.
  3. Assemble all needed materials. Cut the pipes using the pipe cutter. To cut the pipes, the pipe cutter comes with labeled instructions on how to use. Rotate the cutter around PVC pipe then to cut tighten the cutter’s knob. Repeat the same procedure until the pipe is cut.
  4. Then connect the pieces of PVC pipes together with the PVC elbows in case your window has a turn.
  5. Use the spray paint of your chosen color to spray the rods. PVC pipes come with some writing which is written on it, therefore, at first spray white primer which you will then follow the preferred paint. Do it at least three coats then allow them to completely dry.
  6. Put on the curtain panels.
  7. Using curtain hooks, hang the PVC pipe made rods above the house windows.

Tips to put into consideration when making curtain rods using PVC pipe

Ensure that you spray all the hardware using the paint of your choice such that it gets the look which pleases you. Use a spray primer, to begin with as it ensures that the paint will adhere to the pipe.

After making the curtain rod from PVC pipe it will be a simple way of upgrading your house. Homemade rods take very little time to actualization and also cut on cost which would have been spent on purchasing the expensive rods from the stores. For the curtain rod installation, the following steps will need to be followed:

Measuring the cavity of the window

Measure your window’s width from the side to another side. For each side, add additional 30mm which will allow curtain overhang such that the curtains can be pulled across or rather stop leaks and light from getting through its side. Use the circular saw to trim the curtain rod such that it fits the size.

Installation of holders of curtain rods

The second step is the installation of holders on wall’s architrave which is done through marking of positions where the holders of the rod will go then predrill the points with screw holes. Ensure all the screwed holes are in the match at the same level.

Installation of curtain rod

Screw onto the rod’s end left the sending stop. Slip onto curtain rod all the rings for the curtain then place your rod on its holders. Does the same procedure for rod’s right end? To ensure the rod remains still without slipping off, screw very tine screws through curtain holders to the rod. User timber plugs for covering those screw holes.

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