Pro Tips: How to make grommet curtains?

curtain rod
curtain rod

Most grommets on curtains are designed to be flared in all of the sides. Most grommets are made out of rubber, plastic or metal. Grommets are purposely meant to protect your curtains from tearing as well abrasion of your curtain material from the curtain rod as well as the covering of sharp edges. This article is meant to guide through a step by step procedure on how to make grommet curtains. Read along.

Grommet curtains are not as daunting as they seem to be.

Needed materials for your grommet curtains

The following are all the tools that you will need when in this grommet curtain project: a ruler, a curtain fabric of your choice, grommets to be used they can either be medium or large, this depends on what your wishes are, a marking pencil, a pair of scissors, iron, sewing machine and a matching thread.

Measuring your windows

Before placing your panel with grommets. The first thing you need to do is measuring your window size for drapes. Curtain panels are supposed to be exactly 8 inches long for them to accommodate the extra folds that are meant to support the placement of grommets.

Any measurement of this nature is required to consider the length as well as the height of the curtain rod that is going to be used not forgetting its hem allowance.

Coming up with panel folds

At the top of the fabric, make a fold of slightly over 4.25 inch and put a hard press on it, I would recommend the use of print when tackling the top side of the curtain. Most important when it comes to this is an over 4-inch finished length on the upper side of the grommet.

Immediately, open the folded fabric back up as it was as you lay the blackout curtain fabric exactly on the press line. Return the curtain fabric to how you had folded it previously as you turn its edge to a quarter inch and stitch the upper hem in place (if done properly the grommets are supposed to hold the blackout curtain fabric just above the hemline)

Lay out the fabric to flat as you fold the hem to its serge edge ensure it’s it doesn’t exceed the quarter inch and lastly fold the fabric again up to 2 inches as you stitch its hem in position.


At the folded fabric sew its edge to below ¼ inches as well as a half inch. Sew at the 3/8 inch in all of the two sides.

Cutting for the grommets holes

With your pencil marker make sure that you accurately both ends of the grommets to ensure that grommet is between 2 and three inches away from the edge of the fabric. With your ruler measure, the respective grommets end as you divide it by 7, using the outcome using a pair of scissors to snap the grommets altogether.

Important notes

Before settling for any fabric make a thorough research on its advantages as well as disadvantages. Ensure that you use 8! As 7 usually makes the curtain rods to be on the front of the fabric while the other parts of the fabric are behind.

Why grommet curtains?

Grommet curtains are very easy to use as they give your windows a professional touch complemented with beauty.

As mentioned earlier grommets protect your fabric from wearing, tearing as well as abrasion this in return results to a long-lasting fabric. This will save you a lot of money which would have gone to repairs and purchases.

Grommets curtain making is an industry on its own. Due to the high demand for such if you can make them you are assured of some income as you do what you love. The making of grommets can consequently be that activity you do when bored hence the wise use of one’s spare time.

We hope you found the article very informative and helpful. Making grommets curtains is not a complicated task.

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