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How to Install Curtain Rod Brackets?

curtain rod bracket

To ensure your curtains hang correctly, you need to install the curtain rod brackets properly. Plus, mounting your curtain rods correctly aids in improving the elegance of your room. During installation of these curtain rods, you can create awesome designs as per your wish. If you have always wished for more wide windows, you can still extend the curtain size to fit both sides of the walls. You can place your rod anywhere you deem fit

If you think that installing curtain rod brackets requires professional help, then you are wrong. You can do it yourself. Below are instructions that can help you install curtain rod brackets with minimal fuss.

What are the different types of Rods

Before we get to installation, you need to be aware of the types of rods you can use. There are two types. There are the simple rods which are non-mechanical. There is also the traverse rods which have cord controls. The traverse rod requires you to hang curtains with the aid of drapery hooks. You should also note that the heavier the curtain material, the more the importance of installing curtain rods firmly on the walls.

To perform this task, you will require a rod, measuring tape, ladder, pencil, brackets, screws and a screwdriver.

The Steps to follow in Installing Curtain Rod Brackets

Step 1 – Choosing the Right Rod

Choosing the right rod guarantees your success in the installation. You should however first select a curtain so that the rod you use will be able to fit well. There are different types of rods, and you can choose those mentioned above.

You can also opt for a classic rod or a return rod. The classic rod is adjustable, and it allows you to attach it to the wall brackets. The return rod, on the other hand, wraps around the entire window so that it prevents light from penetrating.

Step 2 – Taking Measurement and Estimating Rod Size

Taking measurements is important because it will guide you on the size of rod to buy. You should therefore carefully measure the size of your window. You should opt whether to mount the rod above the wall or directly along the frame of the window. If you are installing it on the wall, you should give an allowance of about 3 inches on both sides to allow room for decorations.

Step 3 – Measuring the Height of the Window

If you intend to use the wall mounted rods, you should know that it’s advisable to place them four inches above the window frame. You should ensure that you measure going downwards from the ceiling. You should not put the rod too far from the frame because this will make the curtain appear awkward while measuring you should be keen to make the curtains float a little bit above the ground to give your home a classy look.

Step 4 – Drilling of the Rod Brackets

You should begin by drilling the first-rod bracket into the wall where you had marked with the pencil. You then drill the second bracket on the other side of the window. You should be as accurate as possible so that the two rods are at an even height. A single inch difference can spoil the entire look.

You can drill a middle bracket, though it’s not mandatory. It comes in handy when your curtains are heavy, and you require extra support. In drilling this middle bracket, you ought to drill it between the two brackets. It should be exactly between the two.

Step 5 – Insert the Rod and Hanging of Curtains

You should then attach your curtains to the rod. You can use grommet rings or fabric tabs. Then, you should rest the rod onto the brackets that you have mounted on the wall. You can, therefore, adjust your curtain as per your wish. If the curtain rod brackets are firm enough, then your job is done. You can take a step back and marvel at the works of your hands.

Installing curtain rod brackets isn’t a difficult task. As long as you are accurate in measurements, then nothing can go wrong for you. All you need to do is to follow the above procedures carefully.

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