How to Install Curtain Rods without a Drill?

installing curtain rodNot everyone likes making holes in their walls. It could be because you reside in an older house or maybe your plaster walls crumble easily. Plus, you could also be living in an apartment, and the landlord is strict on drilling holes in walls. Drilling is also a tedious process and will take up most of your time. Plus if you have insufficient knowledge about drilling, you could end up damaging your walls.

Despite your reason for dislike of drilling, you can still hang curtain rods to your walls using other means. It shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying the benefits of having curtains to your windows. Moreover, curtains are very important because they not only provide privacy but they also beautify the room.

You may be wondering how you can install curtain rods without a drill. Well, you are in luck. You don’t have to live without curtains anymore. Below are several ways you can opt to hang curtain rods without drilling.

Tips on how to Install Curtain Rods without a Drill 

  • Use Clever Brackets

Clever brackets are designed in a way that you can mount the curtain rod directly to the frame of your window. Rather than sticking it to the wall, you can comfortably fit into the corners of wood at the edge of the window.

  • Use Instant-Up Rod Holders

There are instant-up Rod Holders that wrap around the upper corners of the window molding. It can firmly hold because a V-shaped piece slides between the frame and the wall to make it firm. Any curtain rod can fit into the rod holder with much ease. The Instant-up rod holders come with a screw hole on either side, in case you want to attach them permanently.

  • Use of Ready Hang Brackets

The ready hang brackets have a unique feature. First and foremost they are great for houses with a high ceiling. It’s because you can adjust the height at which you can hang your curtain rods. During installation, you place the brackets on the top of your window molding. The vertical extension rods can slide from top to bottom. The Ready Hang Brackets are quite advantageous because when you purchase the product, you get a coordinating curtain rod.

  • Use of a Tension Rod

It’s the best solution if you don’t like using the brackets. The tension rods are adjustable depending on the width of your window. You can place them anywhere on your window. The adjustability feature makes it very convenient because you can decide to come up with enticing curtain combinations. Plus, the tension rods come in many styles and elegant finishes. You can, therefore, make your view of the window more presentable an appealing.

  • Use of Adhesive Cup Hooks

Adhesive cup hooks come in handy if you intend to spend less cash on installing curtain rods. You can create your curtain rod brackets. All you have to do is to fix a slender rod onto cup hooks and sticking them to the wall. Nevertheless, the use of these hooks is always temporary. They are an excellent tool for people living in apartments because you can remove them without difficulty. Also, it’s also best to use glue that won’t leave sticky substance when you pluck it from the wall.

Finally, you can make your homemade holder for your curtain rod. You will need a cardboard, some pair of scissors, glue, hooks and a pencil. First, you should take measurements of the wall and mark with your pencil the areas you want your holder to stand. Then, you should use the measurement made to the cardboard and make markings on the wall. The final step is the actual placement of the hooks with the glue.

You can decide to buy hooks with adhesive strips to avoid application of the glue. It’s because most glues tend to leave behind some substances when you remove the hook. Once you’re through, you should leave it for some thirty minutes so that it dries up. You can then hang your curtain rod.

The above tips are handy if you aren’t a fan of making holes in your walls. You can decide to use any of them when it comes to installing curtain rods. Drilling isn’t the only option, as most people think. Plus, the above options are pocket-friendly and quite useful.

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