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How to make a canopy bed with curtain rods?

canopy bedThere are lots of different ways to make a canopy bed using curtain rods. Obviously, people will need something other than just the curtain rods. However, there are different creative arrangements of curtain rods that will allow people to get the canopy beds that they have always wanted.

Some DIY enthusiasts will be able to create a lot of interesting new bedroom looks with only some material and some cleverly arranged curtain rods. Getting a curtain hook or several for all of these canopies should be easy enough. One of the hardest parts will involve getting the curtain rods at the ceiling in the first place, but the rest of the work should fall into place from there.

Material Need For Canopy Bed

When it comes to the material that people want for their canopy beds, it all comes down to whether or not they are interested in blocking out a lot of sunlight or whether they want to be able to just relax with a little bit of subdued sunlight. Light and transparent fabric will work really well for most canopy beds.

Most curtain rods will be able to support that, and this is something that will pose fewer challenges to most people. However, it is equally important for people to plan ahead when it comes to the curtain rods that they need. The canopy might hang like a shower curtain, or it might hang like a window curtain.

Subtle Canopies

One arrangement involves placing two curtain rods so they are parallel to the edges of the bed, lengthwise, but positioned on the ceiling. Then, people just need to drape a very long cut of fabric over them. If the cut of fabric is long enough, it will be able to more or less touch the floor.

This is a canopy that will really only provide coverage at the front of the bed, but it can still improve the look of a bedroom while making a person feel safer and more at rest.

Layered Canopies

This is a canopy that will require two curtain rods that are as long as the bed when measured along its shorter lengths. This canopy involves placing one rod on the ceiling about a foot or so away from the wall. The other curtain rod should be placed near the top of the wall, perhaps an inch away from the ceiling.

People can hang the curtain from the top of the ceiling curtain rod, while draping the rest of the curtain over the second curtain rod.

A canopy like this is capable of providing some shade, and it does certainly create a really nice look that a lot of people will enjoy. It has something of a regal air to it, and it is something that people might associate with traditional royal bedchambers.

One way or another, this is a canopy that will provide enough shade while still giving people the opportunity to keep everything light in their rooms.

Middle Canopy

This involves placing two curtain rods on the ceiling so they are attached to one large curtain rod overall. They should be positioned at the center of the bed but above it. Then, when people hang the actual curtain, it should be possible to create a curtain that is covering the face of the sleeping person and most of his or her body.

This will give people some additional shade and some privacy. However, it will still leave a lot of the bed open, making it easier for a lot of people to get the best of both worlds with their canopy beds.

Full Canopies

These are harder canopies to create with just some curtain rods and some material. However, a blackout curtain like canopy like this will be worth it for a lot of people. First, people will need to create something that resembles the layered canopy, with a rod on the ceiling and a rod that is located on the wall and just under the ceiling. They can layer the fabric from there.

Afterwards, people will need to set up the curtain rods on the ceiling so they are parallel to all of the remaining sides of the bed. When people are able to hang the material from these curtain rods, assuming that the material is the same length, the bed will be completely enveloped in all of the canopy material.

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