How to hang curtains over blinds?

curtain on rod

One of the best and simplest methods to add style to a home is by hanging curtains over blinds. If you live in a rented house, it is no secret that you have limitations to the house décor. But there is a way to cover those ugly looking blinds, and it is by hanging curtains over them. In our article below, we are about to help you know how to hang curtains over blinds.

Use special rods

There are different types of blinds, and it is necessary that you know how to hang a curtain over each of them. If you have vertical blinds, using special rods can be useful to you. Find a curtain rod that jets out two to four more inches past blind brackets. Then just hang them over the present window blind brackets. However, ensure that you have a straightforward, steady, and sizable bar that will work.


If you thought using rods is the only way to hang curtains, you are wrong. You can use Velcro to dangle curtains over blinds. Using Velcro to hang curtains is another excellent way. Get the double-sided and gluey to hang your curtains over the blinds. The Velcro is strong, and you have no worries about anything happening to your curtains or blinds. But before you add Velcro, think about the dream look of your house. Here is what you do.

First, unroll a heavy band of gummy-backed Velcro against the surface and cut it to measurement lengthwise. Take off the backing from the Velcro’s rough side even it in place. To attach the Velcro’s other half to the blind, put a curtain on a level, spotless surface, stabilizing it. Take away the backing stuff and glue the remaining part of the Velcro stripe next to the top rear rim of the curtain.

The next thing you will do is to add some sutures from end to end of the fabric and Velcro each few inches. This will help ensure the Velcro remains in place. Even out the curtain into the new half of the Velcro band.

Command Hooks

It is evident you do not want to damage your home or do anything that will make it look ugly. You want to add an appealing look. Command hooks are for people who want to hang curtains without making holes. With the command hooks, you start off by picking one command hook and remove the paper backing on the gluey bands. Array the hook up on your wall and use a pencil mark for assistance. Hold it to the surface firmly for around 30 seconds and leave it for an hour. You can repeat this for others.

After that, you will need to add your rod and start hanging curtains. Well, this is the most excellent way that helps you avoid excuses for having drilled holes to hang curtains.

Also, it is important to note that command hooks are great for hanging lightweight curtains. It doesn’t matter if you will use large hooks to support bars or small hooks to support drapes with clips, command hooks offer a quick and straightforward way to hang curtains.

Add grommets

You will without a doubt love grommets as a quick and simple way to hang curtains. They are not just comfortable but also helps create contemporary and dirt free panels. Grommets help bring out all your hidden creativity. While helping hide the ugly blinds. Add grommets to your curtains to make hanging easy while adding a stunning look to your home.

While hanging curtains over blinds help create a contemporary look, it is also necessary to you maintain them properly. Proper care and maintenance help protect the reliability of the materials and also increases their lifetime.


Hanging curtains over blinds is not all about drilling holes on the surface. But there are ways you can do the hanging without having to make holes. Blinds can be ugly especially if you do not have the freedom to change the décor of the house but using curtains and drapes you can create a scenery you would have wanted for your house. Although blinds are good for light control and privacy, they do not always match with the furnishings your home.

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