How To Hang Curtain Tiebacks?

curtain tiebacksTiebacks are cords or devices tied around blackout drapes in order to hold them.They also have a decorative aspect in them as they add a classy and elegant look.They are made of fabrics classified as a kind of soft furnishing. 

Taking measurements

Measure the full length of your drape from the bottom part to the level of the rod from which they hang. Subdivide this length into three equal parts. For a normal drape, this simply means that a third of your drape will be about twenty-eight inches. Whatever type of tiebacks you use, the accessories gives the room clean, polished look as long as all the tiebacks in the room are of the same level.

A few guidelines can help someone find the right tieback height to give your drape pleasing proportions and it must have curtain rings that will be hanged on the curtain rod. All measurements placed must be equal whether it’s the height or the width so as to match the look of the curtain.The height you choose is a matter of personal taste.

Window treatment

Determine what look you want to have on your window treatments, though it can be a bit overwhelming.There are several types of treatments that can be used with many decorating styles and in any room of your home with each having distinct characteristics. One will need a drill, a Philips screwdriver, and a tape measure.

Starting from the very first bracket which is called the bottom bracket of the scroll which is mounted from four to five inches from the top corner of the window. Mount the top bracket of the scroll which is mounted ten inches above the window in an angled position. The patented wire design allows easy installation of the exquisite DIY drapery panels.

Remove the nuts on the back of the scroll and pull out the wire, after which the pocket is already sown in. Now simply slide the wire through and gather the drapery fabric to the top of the wire. Loosen the screw and the extension screw will come out, place it on the back of the drapery scroll and tighten it then slip them into the bracket and push it back. Finally, take the fabric and place it behind the drapery holdbacks. These drapes should be long enough to reach from the top to the floor the hangings are lined, from time to time with material heavy enough to keep out all light from outside, making them perfect for bedroom use.

Tieback location

Mark the location for your tieback while observing the one and two-thirds rule on the wall.Place the tiebacks at approximately three centimeters from the edge of the window. Ensure both symbols on either part of the window are even and make sure they are both on the same level with the floor.

Installing anchors

Install the affixes that came with your tiebacks according to the instructions by the manufacturer. After putting the anchors in place ensure they are level then measure the space between the space on both sides of the window to make sure they are evenly spaced as spacing really helps to make the curtain tiebacks look neat and elegant.

You can clasp the tieback to the anchor and use the nuts provided to hold the tieback to the anchor.Ensure that the hook of the tieback is placed away from the window. The affix prevents the draft from drifting due to wind or current.

Placing tiebacks

Place the curtain rod with the drapes back in place on the curtain rod hooks. The tiebacks hooks are placed slightly behind the curtain. Determine the height to match with another side and place the curtain tieback on the tieback behind the drape to the rings that go to the end of the tieback make sure you arrange the drape containing the curtain ring inside the tieback so it has a beautiful and stylish appearance.

Finally, the drape tiebacks will look neater when placed on the curtain which makes the room look beautiful and it also allows nice and natural sunlight into the room, the curtain tiebacks hold the drape according to the style you prefer.Be sure to get the best quality tiebacks as they will serve you well for a long time without diminishing its elegance and functionality.

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