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How To Hang A Shower Curtain Rod?

Steps to hanging a shower curtain rod

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The beauty of a curtain it’s not only on the look but how it appears once you hang it in your house also matters a lot. Purchasing your favorite shower curtain does not mean that’s the end of your work you still need to hang the curtain well. Hanging your shower curtain is something you can quickly do at your home without paying an expert to do it for you. The tools you need include a screwdriver and a measuring tape that you can afford or borrow from a friend.

What is the procedure for hanging the shower curtains?

Hanging the shower curtain rod is not that hard, but you need to follow the following steps for your curtain to look neat in your shower;

  1. Measure and mark

The process of hanging a shower curtain rod starts by measuring the size of your shower and marking the curtain to know if it’s big or small in size. The bathrooms differ in sizes and thus to hang the curtain rod you first need to know the size. Measure the shower length and width as well as the distance between your shower and the walls. Then now choose the best shower rode for you either tension rod with adjustable springs or a fixed position shower rod if you will use to hang heavy clothes on your towel. Ensure you put a finish that resembles the original make of your shower to make it look beautiful.

  1. Hang the curtain rod

Use now the marks you have set on the curtain rods after measuring your shower as a guide. If you’re using the screw mounted rods put the mounting brackets at a level place from the tub base on both shower walls. You should hang the rods parallel to the bottom of the shower. The tension rod lifts the rod until it covers the marks you have put on the shower wall. Now make the adjustments to ensure the rod is stable and tighten the curtain rode to the walls. Test whether the rod is easily accessible by your family members while in the bathroom for placing towels or other clothing.

  1. Circlet the curtain rings

At this stage now lay a shower line under your shower curtain and ensure the outward face the curtain face and create holes on top of the curtain as well as the liner. Now loop a shower through every single hole on the shower curtain and leave the vents open. Then choose rings that match with your shower fixers or the curtain you have for your shower. You can decide to use the hooks instead of rings to hang your curtain which then you will have to hang the hooks on the curtain rods. Loop the shower holes and make sure the finished curtain side faces outside. Lastly, loop the liner holes through the hooks and your shower curtain smooth surface.

  1. Hang the liner and the curtain

Starting from one side of the shower raise the curtains slowly with the liner and ensure they slip every shower ring above the curtain rod. In case you would like to fix two rings at any end ensure you boost the stability as you continue with your work. You can spin the rings to enhance the look of your shower curtain rod to direct the openings inward. Make sure the liner and the curtain are free for any movement to avoid any damage after finishing the installation work.

Why hang the shower curtain rods?

Having the curtain rods in your shower is very helpful in the following ways;

  • The curtain rods increase the bathroom storage capacity for keeping either detergents, soaps or even body products.
  • Many people use the shower curtain rods to hug towels and some light clothing that will have no necessity to hung them outside the house like the handkerchief.
  • The shower rods provide a place to hang your jewelry while taking a shower and also is a way of making your shower look beautiful.

Conclusively you need to install a shower curtain rod if you don’t have one in your bathroom as it’s a now a necessity. To avoid any damages to the walls of your shower is you are not sure if you can hang the rods successfully, contact a professional curtain rods installer to do the work for you. Purchase the best quality rods that will serve you for years, ask the rod dealers to show you the excellent quality shower curtain rods before you buy.

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