How to Decorate Curtains To Make Them Gorgeous?

decorative curtain

Since the introduction of glass windows, curtains have become very popular. Blackout Curtains can be used on windows to obscure light and wind drafts. Curtains can also be used on outer doors to prevent wind from getting in and for home privacy. Shower curtains keep water away and make the bathroom have a better design element.

A curtain is a piece of cloth material well designed to keep light, water and wind drafts away. Curtains hang on a curtain rod by curtain hooks attached to both the rod and the curtain. Attached that way the curtain moves smoothly along the rod forward and backward to offer full and part cover.

The decorative effect of curtains is something that should be given proper consideration. Well decorated curtains can add extra beauty to your home or business premises. Beautiful and creative designs can be added to the curtain to give a refreshing beauty to the premises. You can form creative design elements like bows, candles, ornaments, architectural shapes and others. The impression given by a well-decorated curtain is of people within who take real care of the home.

Every time you want to change the look of your business or home premises, you need to find less costly alternatives to opting for new curtains. For example, using materials already on your premises you can come up with many varieties of curtains. You can be having things like tea towels which you can stitch together to end up with a beautiful looking curtain at a low budget. You can also get innovative and create beautiful patterns and shapes on your curtain with a beautiful look. Following are examples of ways in which you can decorate your curtains:

Tea Towel Curtains

You can get innovative and make beautiful looking tea towels or buy some at minimal costs from the superstores. Make sure to choose those with appealing colors or with beautiful shapes or patterns. Beautiful tea towels can be used to create gorgeous looking curtains that will give your room a special appeal. They make some of the easiest and cheapest curtains that look exactly original. The beauty with tea towel curtains is that you do not have to do tiring sewing work, but just attach hooks to the towels and hand them.

Stenciled Curtains

You can get creative and make beautiful patterns on your curtain by stenciling. What you need are some curtain panels which are plain white, fabric paint, stencils and your own imagination or get an expert painter. You can make use of any kind of preferred stencil, a paint roller for paint application and make any shapes and patterns. The work can be easy and will take minimum time. It is worth the effort.

Basic Panels

Anybody, especially women are in a position to sew some basic panels. The panels sewed on a fabric are easy to make and they can be made with different colors to create beautiful patterns and shapes on your curtain. You can make use of cheap fabric from any flea market or from yard sales and get ahead with your sewing. With a bit of imagination and careful sewing, you will come up with beautifully decorated curtains on a low budget. Nobody will recognize your fabric material as being cheap anymore.

Rings in curtains

It is easy to put rings in your curtains. Just pin your eyelet -tape on the top edge of the curtain fabric material and then sew into place. Using a fabric pen, make drawings around the inside section of each of the ring. Proceed to cut out your circles to come up with eyelet holes. Then press into place the eyelets at the front part of your curtain. The bottom 2cm of your panel is then folded under and lightly. The end result is beautiful rings on your carpet.

Tie-Dye Curtains

As far as home decorations are concerned Tie-Dye is there to stay and will never get out of style. The tie-dye will make your curtains look unique and always elegant. The process involves folding the curtain in many different ways and then applying the dye to come up with varied looks. They are always great for any room in your business or home premises.

Ruffled Curtains

Sometimes curtains will look old, plain and basic with no appealing look. Without going for new materials, you can make those same curtains look quite outstanding and luxurious by adding ruffles. The new look makes your curtains look feminine and adds some pizazz to the dull look.


The list is endless of the things you can do to decorate your curtains and give them that beautiful and appealing look. As seen above, it is not always necessary to use huge amounts of your financial resources to make your rooms look exotic.

Just a bit of creative imagination and the willingness to put in some physical effort for the enjoyment of your premises looks.

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