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How To Cover Windows Without Curtains? [5 Tips That Works!]

In addition to adding privacy of your room, curtains do a great job adding extra beauty as well. Most people use room darkening blackout curtains to block outside lights and annoying noises. However, there are several reasons not to go for the curtains at all.

How To Cover Windows Without Curtains?

How To Cover Windows Without Curtains

Unless you do some creative works, you will be stuck to either curtains or blinds. I am here to help you out finding some alternatives to the traditional window treatment. You can go for either one of the described below:

Decorative Plants

This is NOT a permanent window treatment but works like a charm if you do this right. Covering your window with the plant is a great idea and it’s very easy to implement. Just place your favorite potted plants on the floor or window sill in front of the window.

These leafy plants will ensure your privacy and offer more shade. Even more beautiful if you use the flowering plants. The most advantage side of this alternative is that you can move them whenever you need more natural light and greater outside view.

Painting Sashes & Frames

If you have wood windows and you are looking for the simplest way to cover them, you can just paint them! Trust me, it will bring the true beauty to your windows and maintain the privacy. Just paint the sashes and frames, NOT the glasses.

You can go for any color for the painting job, but black window frames can bring the ultimate beauty. This option is not suitable for you if you have vinyl or fiberglass windows.

Using Window Film

Window film is a great alternative to traditional window treatment if you have a great view. You certainly don’t want to spoil the great view with curtains or blinds. In addition, to maintain the privacy, window film keeps your windows and views wide open.

You have 2 options while going for the window film. If you want to keep your views open and maintain your privacy, go for the one-way window film. But if you want to completely block out the outdoors and have the natural light, go for the textured film.

Installing Shutters

You can install shutters on your entire window as the alternative to traditional curtains. The good news is you can have shutters in a wide variety of colors, designs, and slat sizes. If you still want to have the natural light and some view of the outside, you can use the shutters on only the lower one or 1/3rd of the window.

Using Showcase Artwork

Another great alternative to traditional window treatment is using the artwork. Yes, you heard me right. Add more beauty to your window using your favorite artwork. You can use the right size of the artwork to the snug fit your window.

Summing Up

Although alternatives to curtains are unlimited, very few options only work. If you search for more alternatives, I am pretty sure you will find even more shiny options. But as I said, only a few are practical. I have added only those options that you can practically apply.

Hope you found this useful and please don’t forget to share with your friends and family members.

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