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How To Clean Shower Curtain Mold? [With Video Tutorial Inside]

Depending on the humidity of your bathroom, mold on shower curtains can grow within no time. Mold is something you don’t want to have on your shower curtains. They cause severe health concern for the family members of all ages. If you do a little bit of study on mold on shower curtains, you already know that preventing mold is way easier than scrubbing it off.

But why mold grows on the shower curtains in the first place?

As I mentioned above, the humidity in the bathroom is primarily responsible. Shower curtains in connection with the bathtub create a sealed environment. There is not much air coming in or out in that sealed environment. The place becomes humid. Also, faulty exhaust fan in the bathroom creates the humidity as well. All that leads to growing mold in the shower curtains.

Steps To Clean Shower Curtains Mold

I will discuss two methods to get rid of mold from your shower curtains. The first method is by using a washing machine. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

mold in shower curtainsStep 1: Very first, remove the shower curtains from the shower curtain rods. If you notice the molds are dried, brush them off outside. Don’t inhale that airy mold! Pun on a mask to protect yourself.

Step 2: Now you need to wash these mold affected shower curtains in the washing machine in cool water. With the cool water, you need to mix some stain and bacteria remover as well.

The ideal mixture of the stain and bacteria remover is adding a half cup of any of these 3: chlorine bleach, vinegar, baking soda with any good quality detergent. Remember, detergent with any of the above mentioned 3, NOT all.

Set your washing machine for the cool water rinse. Run your washing machine. During the last few spins of the washing machine, the curtains will almost dry. However, the last step is to dry these curtains in the dryer.

Step 3: Now it’s time to dry the curtains completely. You need to use the dryer. If your dryer is made of plastic or vinyl, put them in the dryer with some towels for 15 minutes or less.

Keep a sharp eye on the dryer. As soon as the drying cycle ends, remove the curtains right away. You can blow dry any damp spots on the curtains using your blow dryer. Don’t meet down the curtains with the blow dryer though.

Another Method To Get Rid Of Mold From Curtains

In addition to using the washing the machine & dryer, there are some other ways to get rid of mold from the shower curtains. I will talk about at least one of them here.

Salt & Lemon Solution

Remove these curtains from the shower rod. Keep the shower curtain hooks in a secure place so that you don’t lose them. Lay the curtains flat open on the clean floor. You can do this on your rooftop as well. Squeeze 2 lemon juice and add some salt to the juice.

When the paste is ready, rub it into the mold affected areas of the curtains. Keep rubbing the paste until you get rid of the molds completely. Using a damp cloth, wipe the paste away. Then wash your curtains in warm water which some normal detergent. Hang these curtains to dry in the sun.

So what’s next?

Using any of the above 2 methods, you can get rid of molds from your shower curtains. Now that your curtains are clean, you need to take steps to prevent new molds buildup. Make sure whenever any of your family members finish the shower, tell them to shake these curtains off over the tub.

Make sure of enough air circulation in the tub. Fully extend these curtains over the side of the tub. Keep the window of the bathroom open. If there is no window, make sure to turn on the exhaust fan. That way, along with your shower curtains, your total bathroom will be dry and mold free.

Summing Up

Molds in the shower curtains are a common scenario everywhere. There is nothing to feel low about it. All you have to do is to be careful and take proactive measures I just said. That way, mold can’t grow in the shower curtains. Spread this article. Your friend may need it as well! Now, watch the video on how to clean mold from shower curtains.

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