How to clean curtains?

curtain on the window

The cleanness of a house should always start with the curtains. Some curtains are difficult to tell when they are dirty, but you should adopt a cleaning routing for your home to look neat and pretty all the time. Many curtains today have woven fabric that collects dust, mold spores or pet hair which accumulate and start making the house windows dingy. The dust accumulation in the curtains affects your house indoor environment by contaminating the air with dust once one brushes the curtain, the dust starts swirling in your house. Cleaning your curtains will help to provide a conducive environment and prevent allergy diseases.

Methods of cleaning your curtains

Cleaning of your curtains is useful when you understand the make of your curtain since different materials require different cleaning methods. If not sure it’s better to follow the maintenance guidelines given by the manufacturer of the curtain you have in your house. Here are different ways of cleaning your curtains;

  1. Machine wash cleaning

Using of machine cleaning is best for the light fabric curtains that cannot hold a lot of water. Here just use the regular laundry detergent and put on the laundry cycle. Ensure that you check the label of your curtain before cleaning to know the precautions to take while washing. Always clean you curtains separate from other garments to avoid any stains that may come from different clothing.

  1. Hand washing

There are curtains which are best when you clean them by hand washing like pure cotton, chiffon voile or lace curtains. If your curtains color-bleed don’t try to wash them manually with your hands since it will be causing more damages rather than making the curtain clean. It’s advisable you read and follow the instructions usually on the packet of the curtain to know the recommended cleaning method.

  1. Steam cleaning

The curtains with heavy fabric require steam cleaning, and then steam washing is the best method. Hand washing will make the material to stretch and even prolong the drying process. Clean your curtains from top to bottom for better results and employ the upholstery, if the fabric is getting wet move the cleaner and hold it a distance from the drape.

  1. Drying process

Curtains require natural drying process due to the delicate materials. Don’t give in to temptations of putting your curtains in a dryer no matter the level of wetness. The curtains will develop permanent folds that ironing may fail to remove. The best way to dry your curtains is hanging them outside your house to dry naturally. Then remember also to clean the windows and curtain rods to avoid immediate dirtying of the curtain once you hung them back.

Ensuring your curtains are always clean develop a cleaning routing either weekly or monthly depending on the environment around you. Living in dusty surroundings may call for more regular cleaning than areas with no dust. Curtains mostly are prone to dust or smoke if you can avoid the dirtying agents the better but remember clean house should have clean curtains. If you are unable to do the cleaning, seek commercial cleaning services to ensure you stay in a helpful and friendly home.

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