How to Choose Curtains?

bedroom window curtain

Windows plays a significant role in allowing natural illumination of light. Also, windows will enable you to practice your decoration tactics by fixing beautiful curtains on them. Curtains bring about the beauty of the house especially the living room and therefore, one is required to pay attention when purchasing their curtains.

The selection depends on various factors like the weather condition around your location. If you live in hot areas, your curtain selection will be much different from some who lives in cold places. The difference can be found in the material and so on. Apart from this, there are other various tips that one can use when selecting curtains for your house.

Tips on how to choose curtains.

Your needs

Do you need the curtains to bring in enough lighting or for privacy purposes? Well, you need first off to ask yourself what you want to achieve with the curtains so you can be able to make the appropriate selection. If you wish to bring in a lot of illumination consider choosing sheer curtains. For privacy purposes, select curtains that have heavy material to ensure that no one from the outside can have a view of the inside. Also if you want to achieve both the lighting and privacy you can combine both sheer and heavy material curtains. Some areas like the kitchen can work correctly with a sheer curtain.

The size

Note that apart from using the curtain for privacy and lighting needs, you also require ensuring that it enhances the beauty and glamor of your house. This can be achieved by buying the right size of the curtains. It is not easy to estimate the correct dimensions of the curtains hence the need to take the measurements. Take the measures from the curtain rod to the floor, and also from the end of the window to the other one. Ensure the frequencies are higher maybe by two inches to avoid buying a stretched curtain. Your preference determines the height of the curtain.

For example, some may need a curtain that fits along the window while others may opt for a curtain that is floor length.If you want a curtain that is floor length, ensure it touches the floor and for those who opt for window size, make sure it hangs like 3 inches below the window.

Material and the style

These two elements must complement each other to bring out the beauty of the window areas. So, choose the material that is suitable for that particular area and also make sure that the style is on point as well. Whether you select sheer or heavy fabric, it should have various details like the floral and other patterns. The flowers should blend well with other furniture and colors in the house too.

You can choose to match your curtains with the furniture or the colors of the wall whichever works for your home. If your house has other bold fixtures like maybe the wallpapers, you can choose curtains with neutral colors to tone down the overall look of the room.

Cleaning and maintenance

Curtains are designed for different cleaning methods. Some fabrics are supposed to be washed by machines strictly, others hands and some can be washed by both the machines and hands. Hence, before you choose any fabric find out the washing and maintenance required to gauge if you will be able to handle it.

If you don’t have a cleaning machine, then you will need curtains that are washable with hands and if you have a machine make sure you can be able to clean it according to the instructions given. When ironing, read the label to see the amount of heat that the fabric should be ironed with to avoid burning it.

Readymade versus tailoring

Do you want curtains that are already made or you opt to order from a dealer? Well, you need to figure out so you can do enough research on the two options. If you opt for readymade, buy from a good and reliable dealer. If you are buying online choose, a seller who has been in the industry for a long time. Such a person can advise you on the best curtains for your house. If you opt for a tailor-made, choose a professional tailor to ensure the work is correctly done, and the curtains fit well on your windows.


Follow the above guideline when buying your house curtains so you can be able to make the right choices and also to help you purchase quality curtains. You can research the latest trends before you make sure purchases or consult a designer for the best curtains that will work for your house.

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