How to get wrinkles out of your curtain?

royal curtainHave you ever seen how curtains with lines look? Everybody wants to have a right looking house, and if your curtains are not neat, then your home may not be that beautiful. The wrinkles on curtains sometimes are too stubborn and removing them may be difficult mainly if you use a dryer to dry your curtains after washing.

The curtains fabric mostly determine the nature of wrinkles and how you can remove them that’s why it’s important to read the instructions on the package after buying your curtain to avoid the lines.

You need to have the relevant equipment which includes steamer iron and someone to help you out. Also, you need to have the appropriate technique for you to get best results after the process of removing wrinkles from your curtain.

What you need to remove the wrinkles

Here are the tools necessary for eliminating lines from your curtains;

  • Iron steamer
  • Clothing steamer which is optional.
  • Handheld steamer, an optional tool to use when you don’t have the above devices.

The steps to removing wrinkles from your curtain  

  1. Start by hanging your curtains on a rod and arrange them equally on the curtain rod.
  2. Now fill your steamer with water and ensure the temperatures and tune to the maximum. It’s quite useful if you use an iron of around 1400 watts producing steam of high temperatures when you hold it vertically. Use handheld or clothing steamer if your iron steamer doesn’t meet the above feature.
  3. After finishing, the overhead to procedures now start steaming the curtains to remove wrinkles from top to bottom holding the iron a distance from the fabric surface.
  4. Steam your curtain while allowing penetration of the steam through the irons footprint. Continue steaming your curtains downwards the panel and re-steam again till the wrinkles disappear.
  5. Lastly, after heating, hang or leave the curtains to cool down and dry before moving them, you can do steaming again if you see the wrinkles are yet to disappear.

Valuable tips to know for removing curtain wrinkles

  • Spraying the curtain panels with warm water ensure you use the plant mister and set it in spray mode to ensure pulling the bottom hem is sufficient to remove the wrinkles.
  • The handheld steamers that reach maximum temperature in less than two minutes is effective for the process of eliminating curtain wrinkles.
  • You can find de-wrinkling sprays at the professional drapery workshops or installers if yours has a problem consider visiting them to purchase or repair services.

What are the precautions to take while removing curtain wrinkles?

  • Ensure you wear protective gears or gloves to be safe from hot water that may drip from steam iron or clothing steamer.
  • Some panels packing may seem firm thus making the wrinkle almost permanent don’t press the creases with a lot of steam or heat since you might make the fabric to shrink in that area.
  • Ironing the curtains on board may not give you good results and moving the curtain immediately after ironing might cause more wrinkles.

Removing the wrinkles from your curtain you need to follow the proper instructions and be careful not to cause damage to your curtain. Steam can be the best method to remove curtain wrinkles without affecting the curtain fabrics.

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