How To Deep Clean Your Plastic Shower Curtain?

plastic shower curtain

You and your family love and care for your home, but do you find that there are always those nooks and crannies that just always seem dirty? You may wonder how to get them deep cleaned and staying clean, such as your blackout curtains or plastic shower curtain liners. After an extended amount of time, those curtains can begin to form mildew on the bottom, especially when they are used on a frequent basis and not cared for in the best way. So, with that said, if you are wanting to get down to the nitty-gritty of how to clean and care for your plastic shower curtain liner, we have got the tips and tricks you need.

If you find that you have a dirty, orange-ish colored mildew buildup forming on the bottom of your plastic shower curtain, you may think that all hope is lost and that it is time to pull out the wallet to buy another one for your bathroom. That could be farther from the truth! These curtains are actually quite easy to clean, and it just takes a little time in the washing machine. You heard me right. All you have to do is just stick it in the wash along with some dirty towels you may need to wash as well. You will want to wash them with a half cup of whatever laundry detergent you may have along with a half cup of baking soda on the warm water cycle. Once the cycle is done, make sure to stretch it out and allow it to air dry before you hang it up again.

Did you know that there is also a way to prevent the mildew from forming in the first place? If you have just bought your new plastic shower curtain liner for your bathroom, there is a handy trick for helping to prevent that mildew from spreading and collecting on the bottom. Once you take the curtain out of its packaging, unfold it and lay it in a bathtub filled with hot water (just enough to cover the curtain completely). While it is filling up, put in one cup of salt under the running water, and stir it in with your hand. Let your curtain sit in this salt water solution for at least three hours. Once the three hours have passed, hang up your plastic curtain back onto the curtain rod to air dry. This preventative measure will help to keep the mildew buildup at bay and keep your curtain cleaner and longer lasting.

You may feel like when it comes to your plastic shower curtain liner, there is no hope; It will one day succumb to the effects of mildew, and you’ll have to just buy another one. However, that is not the case! There are many home remedies for cleaning and maintaining your curtain to help it last for a very long time in your home. You won’t believe the wonders that a little baking soda and a little love can do for your home, and how it can help to keep your home clean and sanitized for many years to come.

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