Best Blackout Curtains Reviews To Darken Your Rooms in 2019

Finding the best blackout curtains have become a little bit difficult nowadays because of the fact that lots of crap are now claiming to be blackout drapes. But you need the right one to have some privacy or noise-free peaceful environment to have a sound sleep. I promise you, at the end of reading this article, you will find your true room darkening drapes.

Quick Comparison of 3 Best Blackout Curtains

12 Best Thermal Curtains Reviews

Don’t get scared seeing there will be 12 reviews. I have ordered them based on their popularity and price. Whenever you find your favorite ones, you can stop reading the rest of the article.

Deconovo Grommet

best blackout curtains from Deconovo
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This is my no. 1 choice for you. Whether you need to simply darken your rooms or protect your furniture, artworks from the heat and chilly winter, Deconovo is here for you. Based on quality and very high customer satisfaction, this one will be your ultimate choice.

In the recommended comparison table, you have noticed that this one is the number one recommended. There are pretty good reasons for it.

When touched they feel silky and soft. No bulky feeling at all. Polyester made to last longer than usual. They are meant to reduce the light and protect your privacy. Remember, the darker the color, the lighter reducing capacities.

They do not attract dust or mites. That’s another reason why Deconvo is so popular. This is a very important feature to have to protect children from dust causing allergies.

Because of its vast color & size ranges, Deconovo’ is perfect for everyone having any window sizes. You will be amazed at how people are expressing their gratitude for such an effective solution. They are now fully capable of keeping the sunshine outside of their rooms.

Proven to keep your room temperature as low as you can expect and during winter, it does not let chilly air to enter easily. A lot of customers have reported that they make their rooms such dark that they have never experienced before.

More Features & Pros Of Deconovo

  • 3 most common sizes: 42 X 63, 42 X 84, 42 X 95 inches. These are the dimensions when they are completely extended without the rod.
  • 26 color range to match any interior. Choose from Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Chocolate, Dark Grey, Dry Rose, Fuchsia Pink, Green, Greyish White, Khaki, Lavender, Light Beige, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Nile, Pink, Red, Rose, Royal Blue, Star White, True Red, Turquoise, Light Beige.
  • Surprisingly shiny! Back and front are the same color.
  • 1.9 inches grommet size.
  • You can easily clean them. They are machine washable. Do not use any bleach and do not tumble or warm iron.
  • Not so thick but thick enough to block the heat generated from sunshine.
  • No smelling issue.
  • Pretty wide rings. Should fit any rod.
  • High-quality plastic made but you won’t have any plasticky feeling.
  • Even can prevent outside noises very effectively!
  • At the bottom of these panels, there is about ¼ inch hem.

Cons Of Deconovo

  • Does not come with the rod.

Best Home Fashion Premium

home fashion
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In my previous reviews, Deconovo is somewhat costly in comparison with their counterparts. Now, those who are looking for cheap options, this is for you. In fact, because of it’s a cheap price, this one is loved by more than thousands of customers.

For versatile styling, the brand offers them in 2 hanging options like back tab and/or rod pocket. You will get 2 panels including tiebacks with each of the packages you order.

Because of its triple weave fabric construction, it perfectly blocks the sunlight and protects your family and you from harmful UV rays. Pretty awesome noise reduction capabilities! It makes sure you have a sound sleep even in the broad daylight.

Equally great for graveyard shift workers, students, and anyone who ever needs to block the heat and cold of outside and makes the space as noise-free as possible. They not just add warmth, these can add true elegance because of their superior quality.

All the options from the brand require minimal care. They are machine washable but you should wash them with like colors. You should only use non-chlorine bleach only when needed which is pretty rare. Also, you can go for low tumble dry and warm iron as well. Make sure the panels measure 2 -3 times the width of your window for proper fullness. The following video explains how they can bock outside light.

Features & Pros

  • 3 different sizes: 52″W X 63″L, 52″W X 84″, 52″W X 96″L. Each set includes 2 panels.
  • Colors: Beige, Dark Grey, Moss, Navy, Sky Blue, Burgundy, Grey, Chocolate, Olive, Sage, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, Brick, Wheat, Royal Blue, Violet, Avocado, Cardinal Red, Mauve, and Mustard.
  • 2” hem size and ½ inch header size.
  • 100% polyester made for long-lasting performance.
  • Comes in pair with each order.
  • Keeping out the heat is a proven fact by the countless number of customers.
  • Color and fabric of the backside are as same as the front side of them.
  • Slides easily on the rod.
  • Heavier enough to help with drafts.
  • Easy wrinkle fix. Just put them in the dryer with damp cloths to take out any wrinkles.
  • Does a great job darken your bedroom? You only see these in luxury hotels.
  • Unbeatable market price has made it great as well.


  • Not so good blocking cold.
  • Has easily wrinkle issue.

Antique Bronze Grommet Top Style From Best Home Fashion

Best Home Fashion
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Here come another great ones. Only this time the grommet top is antique bronze made and this model got a lot of attention from customers. Just like the previous one, to block out the sunlight and hazardous UV rays, it uses triple weave fabric construction.

To save your money and reduce energy consumption, it insulates against heat and cold and many experienced users have confirmed this fact. The beyond the box fabric construction basically helps to fight against cold. It does not let outside cold and noise to enter the room where you need a peaceful environment.

It literally comes with everything that you need for its installation. You get two panels with each set. Each panel comes with 8 antique bronze grommet with 1.6 inches inner diameter. And the list does not end here. You will also get matching tie backs as well. Would you really get such a complete package of high-quality ones from your nearby store?

The sophisticated regal design has brought modern interior style to more than thousands of hundreds of home already. It’s been quite a while since it is introduced. Even after several years of using it, customers have recommended it as the best blackout curtains to their friends and families who need to darken their room for uninterrupted sleeping.

It’s machine washable even with hot water. If needed you can use non-chlorine bleach. Both tumble dry and warm iron is possible. I can bet not so many of them have this flexibility.

More Features

  • Available in 6 different sizes. As per your window size, choose from 52″W X 63″L, 52″W X 63″L, 52″W X 84″L, 52″W X 88″L, 52″W X 90″L, and 52″W X 96″L. As you can see, width is fixed but you can have any length size. With your every order you can cover 104 inches.
  • Comes in 22 trendy colors like Black, Navy, Sky Blue, Burgundy, Grey, Chocolate, Beige, Olive, Pink, Green, Teal, Purple, Orange, Wheat, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Moss, Cardinal Red, Mauve, Sage, Violet, and 88 Chocolate. So, which color do you like?
  • 2 separate curtains in each order you make.
  • Competitive price.
  • Any standard size rod fits well.
  • High quality soft synthetic fabric.
  • 100% polyester made.
  • Smooth grommet finish lets slide the rod easily.


  • Some said it can block light mostly but not entirely.


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You can’t find such cheap blackout curtains with greater quality! You need them for the bedroom but if you are a little short in your budget, look no further! You will be amazed seeing it’s impressive customer testimonial and their wide recommendations. Being cheap does not mean it has to be of low quality and NICETOWN has proved it.

They are the quality fabric made without the liner. They feel soft and heavy. Proven to impede 85% to 99% of light and savage UV rays to protect your floor and furniture. You can now sleep well because of its incredible noise-reducing capabilities and enjoy your TV time because of it’s triple weave technology.

Each of these sets includes two blackout drapes and with its 1.6-inch inner diameter ring, you can easily fit them with any standard rods. They are thread trimmed and wrinkle-free, so maintaining them is a real breeze. Though they don’t attract dust much still you can machine wash them in cold water. Also, you can go for steam cleaning and quick ironing.

People call it energy efficient because it can maintain your room temperature against heat and winter chill. It’s a proven fact. All of their curtains are designed by designers from Europe and U.S.A. With the wide varieties of modern color, you can match your modern interior decor needs.

More Features & Pros of NICETOWN

  • Available for 2 most common window sizes: W42″ X L63″ and W42″ X L84″.
  • Only trendy colors to add value to your interior decor. Choose from Baby Pink, Beige, Black, Blue, Burgundy Red, Cappuccino, Fresh Green, Grey, Greyish White, Navy Blue, Olive, Platinum, Royal Purple, Silver White, Toffee Brown, and Turquoise.
  • Should be perfect for your toddler room, guest room, and for your master bedroom.
  • Proven to last long and many have confirmed it’s fantastic quality. Standard thick but you will have a pretty smooth feeling.
  • 6 grommets per panel with a 1.5-inch diameter.
  • Same color on both sides.
  • Processed through strict supervision and inspections.
  • No noticeable smell even when just unpacking.
  • Very soft to touch.
  • No wrinkle issue!
  • Standard weight, definitely not so heavy. So any standard rod should work.
  • You should steam iron to remove packaging fold lines.
  • Highly recommended.


  • Not suitable for big windows. Let’s say you need a width of 52”, it is not for you.
  • Does not come with tie backs.

Utopia Bedding

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Utopia, as the name suggests, can bring you any home decor imagination comes true at a reasonable price. Not only because of their wide range of collections but also for their quality and commitment to their customers.

Whether you need them for your office or home, Utopia can offer you an excellent choice. With each of your order, you will get 2 panels of curtains where each one has 8 silver made grommets. As a complimentary, you will get 2 matching tie-backs as well.

The energy-efficient thermal top is able to block almost 90% of the light, so having a dark room for privacy is not a fantasy anymore. This is what has made it great. It can also block up to 60% of outside noise. These numbers are tested and you can see it’s true reading some customer’s testimonials.

Customers have verified the fact that during winter it can prevent outside cold to enter and during summer it keeps the room cold by keeping the outside heat block.

They are made of 250GSM of polyester fabric which is meant to last very long with minimum maintaining effort. Even the grommets are rust free as they are silver made and wide enough to support any rods. So yes, for a rich and modern dressing look, these classy stuff are certainly recommended for you.

More Features & Pros of Utopia

  • Each curtain measures 52 inches wide and 63 inches long. So, with each order, you should be able to cover 104 inches wide area. These are true measurements.
  • True blackout drapes. You should not have any confusion about that!
  • 7 colors to match your imagination like Beige, Black, Burgundy, Chocolate, Grey, Navy, and Olive.
  • Metallic dark brown color grommet size is 1.6 inches inner diameter where any standard size rods should fit.
  • 4” top and bottom hem.
  • Front and back sides have same color and material.
  • Easy iron.
  • Thin enough to do some trimming if needed and you have sewing experiences.
  • Not so heavy even for the tension rods.

Cons of Utopia

  • Low range of sizes.
  • Small color options to choose from.
  • Have wrinkle issues.

Deconovo Solid

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As you have noticed from the very beginning, Deconovo is my no. 1 recommendation for the best blackout curtains. But that was a little bit costly. If you are looking for cheap options from Deconovo, this one is for you. They are as popular and highly recommended as what I have previously reviewed.

They are perfect for late-night workers, older people, infants, etc whoever needs to have a quiet and peaceful environment for sleeping in the daytime. It does not only maintain your privacy, it actually can save money by maintaining optimal room temperature blocking outside heat and cold all year round.

They are silky, soft, drapery and very smooth to touch and add an expensive look to any of your rooms. With its 3 different size dimensions and 28 trendy colors, it should be perfect for anyone of choice. If you read some of its users’ testimonials, you will see these are true ones that can actually dark your room just like the way you have never imagined before.  

Only high materials are used. They are made of 100% high-quality polyester which is meant to last long without fading. You get 2 of them with each package including 8 square grommets on each panel. Machine washable, so very easy to clean.

More Features & Pros of Deconovo Solid

  • 3 Perfect dimensions available: 52W X 63L, 52W X 84L, and 52W X 95L inches.
  • Available in 28 colors: Beige, Black, Brown, Chocolate, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Dry Rose, Fuchsia Pink, Grass Green, Greyish White, Khaki, Lavender, Light Beige, Light Grey, Lime Green, Maroon Red, Navy Blue, Nile Green, Orange,  Orange Red, Pink, Platinum, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Teal, Turquoise, and Grayish White.
  • All the colors are true to color. You will get what you order.
  • Tiebacks included.
  • Does not attract any dust or mites. Say goodbye to allergies.
  • Any standard curtain rods will be perfect. Though these are heavy, still you can use the tension rod as well without any issue. Even some people are using 1” PVC pipe!
  • In addition to blocking the light, heat, and cold, they are proven to reduce the sound a little.
  • Same color on both sides.
  • Brushed silver color grommets with a size of 1.5 inches diameter.
  • No bad smell!
  • Huge customer recommendations.

Cons of Deconovo Solid

  • Not flame retardant.
  • Not so good at reducing noises.

Window Treatment by NICETOWN

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Here come another NICETOWN model. It’s not another cheap option but definitely worths you consideration for bedroom that can effectively block light to maintain your privacy and have sound sleep. Not only it darkens the rooms but also it can create an effective barrier to block outside heat, cold, and noises.

Because of its Triple weave fabric, it can insulate against summer heat and winter chill thus can maintain your room temperature. Now your room will be more comfortable for you and your kids. Your kids will sleep even better like never before. Highly recommended for those who need to sleep at daytime and they are suitable to use in office, homes or wherever you need to make it dark during the sunny day.

When you order each set, you will get 2 blackout drape panels. Each of these panels comes with 7 back loops. You can hang them in 3 styles. They can be pleated, shirred or with your own clip-rings. Each panel has both loop and rod pocket styles with 2 inches inner diameter.

All the NICETOWN units are meant to last long without fading in color. Though they don’t attract dust yet if needed these are machine washable in cold water. Even steam clean is possible if you like so. However, do not use any hot or warm water. Remember…these are polyester made.

Many parents have reported having excellent results using this in their bedroom and kids’ room. If you are having trouble with kids sleeping due to light and noise, install them and see the magic!

More Features & Pros of NICETOWN

  • Available in 3 sizes: W52 X L63, W52 X L84, and W52 X L95.
  • To match any home interior, you can choose from Baby Pink, Beige, Blue, Burgundy Red, Cappuccino, Fresh Green, Grey, Greyish White, Jet Black, Khaki-taupe, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Roseo – Pink, Royal Purple, Toffee Brown, Turquoise, and White.
  • Polyester made. They are densely fabricated with black yarn to block up to 99% outside sunlight.
  • You can go for quick ironing them.
  • Super soft and thick and looks very rich. Does not seem flimsy at all.
  • Same color for the back and front sides.
  • Not so heavy.
  • Have back tabs and they are hidden in the back.
  • Any standard rod should work well. If you want to use a traverse rod, that’s okay as well.


  • Some said these are cheap looking.
  • Have color fading issue overtime against direct sunlight contact.

Utopia Bedding

Utopia Bedding
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Are you still looking for them to help you keep the sunlight in its rightful place? If you are, this is one of the pieces to try. They feature a super-soft material made from 250GSM of polyester fabric. This makes them soft to the touch while you can rest assured of having quality ones that will last for an extended period.

What’s more is that this material is thick. It helps in absorbing 99% of the light and UV rays to let you benefit from a cool environment and lower heating and cooling expenses. Besides blocking the sunlight, they are effective in blocking out cold and preventing warm air from escaping outside.

These render them of benefit during the winter when you want to ensure that your house will stay warm. Hence, you can rest assured to have gotten all-weather curtains after purchasing this type.

They also help in blocking the noise to let you benefit from a quiet and peaceful place. They come as a set of two panels where each measures 52″ wide and 84″ long. This makes them suitable for use on doors or windows that cover a total area of 104″ wide and 84″ long. Included on them are eight grommets per panel that makes sliding the rod easy.

The grommets feature a 1.6″ diameter. So, you should be sure that the rods can fit into them before getting one of these.

They are built in such a way that they can complement every setting, while they can add some style to a room. This is due to good-looking material and sizes that let them suit most window and door types. More to that, they are available in a variety of colors to allow you to acquire that to match the living room, bedrooms, and even the kids’ rooms.

Its grommets are also rust-free so that they don’t lose their value after a continued time of use. They include a 4″ top and bottom hem and a 1″ side hem which makes them have an elegant look. They are machine-washable, and you can tumble dry to make the cleaning process fast and easy.

Features of Utopia

  • 2 panels in a set where each measures 52″ wide and 84″ long.
  • A super-soft material that features 250GSM of polyester fabric.
  • 8 grommets on each panel for an easy slide of the curtain rods.
  • 2 matching tie-backs to hold them in place.
  • Available in seven different colors including beige, grey, black, burgundy, olive, navy and chocolate.

Pros of Utopia

  • Soft fabric.
  • Great stitching.
  • Blocks sunlight effectively.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easy to get wrinkles out.
  • Good quality grommet hardware.
  • Compact and easy to open the package.
  • A variety of good-looking colors to choose from.

Cons of Utopia

  • Limited length choices.
  • Do not block 100% of the light.
  • Some grommets are unevenly spaced.


sliding door
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These are tailor-made choices, that come as two panels, each measuring 25″ wide x 40″ length. This makes them appropriate for use on windows and doors with a width of 80″ and a 40″ length.

They are great the triple weave fabric that helps block out sunlight by 85% to 95%. Hence, this aids in privacy improvement and a reduction of the glare of the sun.

Additionally, the densely woven fabric is dense and heavy but doesn’t add to the bulk. This makes it a plus when it comes to filtering out some noise and thereby providing you with a quiet and peaceful room to stay.

With them, you can be sure to save a drastic amount in the long run since you they help to protect your furniture and floors from fading and such reducing the need for you to get a replacement. What’s more, is that you can save a lot of costs that arise from heating and cooling expenses during the summer and winter.

With them, you can get a perfect fit for most doors and windows. Thanks to the Duo rod pocket design on each end that allows you to fit your rod/sash to get a nice fit. More to that, thanks to the different sizes available to enable you to select the optimal size for your windows and doors.

They come with an adjustable tie-back that makes it remain in its rightful place so that it does not interfere with the decor design.

With them, you can be sure to have a simple installation process since they are thread trimmed and per-ironed so that you only need to get them out of the package and hang them with your sash rods.

Additionally, they are made to last and make the maintenance process easy since they are machine washable in cold water while they tumble dry. You can iron them or steam them after washing to get creases out.

Features of NICETOWN

  • Available in two panels or one panel in each set.
  • The densely woven fabric that doesn’t add to the bulk aids in reducing the noise level.
  • Duo rod pocket design on each end that allows you to fit your rod/sash to get a nice fit.
  • Thread trimmed and per-ironed fabrics that make the installation process simple.
  • Available in different sizes and panels including 25w x 40L inches, 25w x 40L inches, 25w x 72L inches, 25w x 72L inches, 54w x 40L inches, 54w x 40L inches, 54W x 72L Inches and 54W x 72L inches.
  • Available in 9 different colors that include toffee brown, beige, black, burgundy, cappuccino, grey, greyish white, navy blue, and royal purple.


  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Super soft material.
  • Not bulky.
  • Nice color choices.
  • Well packaged.
  • Thick and heavy-duty
  • Perfectly blocks out most of the light.


  • Stitching not perfectly straight on some making it difficult to push the curtain rod through.

Deconovo Solid

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Featuring an innovative triple-weave construction, they will help block out 90% to 98% of light and UV rays. As such, you can be sure to have gotten the right one to bring much savings.

With them, you can forget about the fading of your furniture as well as the high energy costs that arise from your HVAC cooling your home in the summers or warming it in the winter season.

They come as two panels in a package. The panels measure 52″w x 84″L making them ideal for windows or doors with a total width of 104″ and 84″ in length. Besides this size, you can get it in two more lengths to allow you to select that which complements your windows or doors.

Additionally, they feature seven back loops per panel making them add some sense of style in a room. You can style it in three different ways including back loops, rod pocket, or with your clip rings. As such, you can be sure to have a design that brings some style to your home.

As great options to think about, they are constructed of 100% polyester making them durable and soft to the touch. The fabric is easy to clean and maintain considering that it is machine washable below 30degress.

However, you should not tumble dry. What’s more is that the back and front of it feature the same color and materials so that it does not affect the design incorporated into your decor.

Features of Deconovo

  • Machine washable fabric below 30 degrees.
  • 100% polyester construction.
  • Same front and back colors and material.
  • Seven back loops per panel.
  • An innovative triple-weave construction that blocks out 90% to 98% of light and UV rays.
  •  Available in three different lengths including 63″, 84″, and 95″.
  • Available in nineteen different colors. Beige, teal, black, turquoise, brown, chocolate, dark blue, dark grey, grass green, lavender, greyish white, khaki, light beige, light grey, maroon red, navy blue, platinum white, rose, and royal blue.

Pros of Deconovo

  • Sturdy seams.
  • Blocks sunlight beautifully.
  • Silky, soft, and smooth texture.
  • Easy to steam out wrinkles.
  • Includes four matching tie backs.
  • Doesn’t collect dirt and pet hair.
  • Thick material maintains the warmth in the house.
  • Nice weight and slip easily over the rod

Cons of Deconovo

  • No grommets.
  • Uneven stitching at the top makes them hang unevenly.

Miuco Thermal

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As one of the popular ones, they feature a soft, high-quality fabric rated to last for over ten years. They come as two panels to allow you to use them for the big-sized windows and doors. This set measures 52″w x 63″ L making it suitable for use on windows or doors with an overall width of 104″.

They include 8 grommets per panel. This allows you to slide the curtain rods easily making it easy to install. The grommets feature a 1.6″ diameter. So, always ensure that your rods can slide into them.

What’s more, is that they feature the same material on the front and back. As such, they will never interfere with your decor’s style when the back appears on the front part. Moreover, they include a bottom hem that is 3″ wide and a side hem that is 1″ wide making them have a more luxurious look.

They are stable when hanging due to the creative weighted design inside the bottom hems. They come with two matching tie-backs which are a bonus to help you hold them in position.

With them, you can block 90% to 98% of the sunlight and 100% UV. Thanks to the triple-weave construction that is powerful enough to absorb the sun rays. Hence, this makes them a lifesaver as long as heating and cooling costs are concerned.

This also makes them perfect for use in kid’s rooms and day sleepers since you can be sure to be protected from the harmful UV rays. What’s more, is that they are effective in protecting your furniture from fading assuring you of maintaining your home in good condition. Hence, you can be sure to have a set of the best blackout curtains.

You can get them when you want to reduce the outside noise so that you can get a quiet and peaceful room. The reason behind this is that they help block 60% of the noise to give you a peaceful resting place.

Additionally, you can also get them for use in the winter season as they can help retain heat inside leaving you with a room that is warm to live in. They are machine washable, and you can tumble dry low. Moreover, you can iron them to remove creases assuring you from obtaining curtains that are easy to maintain.

Features of Miuco

  • A densely woven fabric that acts as a sound barrier.
  • Miuco creative designed weighted hem on the bottom to make them hang straight.
  • Two matching tie Backs to hold them in position.
  • A triple-weave construction helps keep the sun rays outside.
  • Machine washable fabric.
  • 8 grommets per panel to make hanging easy.
  • A 3″ bottom hem and 1″ side hem provides a luxurious look.
  • Available in three different lengths including 63″, 84″ and 95″.
  • Available in 17 different colors including pink, grey, black, greyish white, beige, sage, sky blue, burgundy, chocolate, teal, turquoise, taupe, aubergine, purple, navy blue, silver, and dark grey.

Pros of Miuco

  • Well priced.
  • Soft and thick material.
  •  Easy to setup.
  • Easy to get creases out.
  • Blocks out most of the sunlight.
  • Provides a perfect fit.
  • High-quality grommets.
  • Nice and decorative colors and patterns.
  • Effective in keeping a room warm and cool


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Still looking for something to use in your living room, nursery, bedroom, kitchen, offices, among other places? If so, you might want to give a try to these reasonably priced curtains. They come in the form of two panels where each measures 52″W x 96″L.

However, you can get them in different lengths including 63″, 84″, and 96″. Moreover, you can get the valance type with an overall dimension of 52″w x 18″L. As such, you can rest assured to get one that is compatible with your window’s or door length.

They can block up to 95% of the sunlight and 100% of UV rays. They are vinyl free and environmental friendly making them safe to use in kids’ rooms and nurseries. They feature a 100% polyester fabric that is built to last.

They include six grommets on the top to allow you to slide the curtain rod with a lot of ease. These grommets have a 1.6-inch diameter. Hence, confirm to ensure that your curtain rods are compatible.

Once you get them, you get an energy-efficient home since they are made of materials with thermal insulation properties. Hence, this assured you of getting lower energy bills in the long run. More to that, they help in providing you with a room that is quiet and peaceful since they can filter out approximately 70% of the outside noise.

They are easy to maintain since they are machine washable. You can also tumble dry low and warm iron them to reduce the drying time and remove creases.


  • Vinyl-free and environmental-friendly fabric make it safe for use in nurseries and baby rooms.
  • Machine washable which you can tumble dry low and warm iron.
  • 100% polyester fabric construction.
  • 6 grommets with a 1.6″ diameter.
  • Available in different sizes including 52″w x 63″L, 52″w x 84″L, 52″w x 96L” and Valance 52″w x 18″L.
  • Available in 16 different colors including quatrefoil cardinal, quatrefoil dove, quatrefoil gray, quatrefoil dusty blue, quatrefoil teal, quatrefoil latte/cappuccino, quatrefoil navy, quatrefoil true navy, Ikat Fret black, Ikat Fret cardinal, Ikat Fret dove, Ikat Fret gray, Ikat Fret latte/cappuccino, Ikat Fret navy, Ikat Fret true navy, and Ikat Fret teal.


  • Blocks light well.
  • Easy to iron and steam.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easy to iron and stem.
  • Blocks light well.
  • Soft and looks great.
  • Hang and fit as described.
  • Smooth and nice weighted fabric


  • Doesn’t block 100% of the light.
  • Some featured colors aren’t a perfect match for the colors you get.
Last Word On Best Room Darkening Curtains

I believe I have given you some curtains name that can actually block light, noise, and cold. You won’t regret buying any of the above reviewed. Based on price, quality may vary but these are true blackout drapes. All of them. It would be a tremendous pleasure to me if you can find the best blackout curtains from the above.

Best Blackout Curtains Reviews To Darken Your Rooms in 2019
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Best Blackout Curtains Reviews To Darken Your Rooms in 2019
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