Hello! I am Raymond C. Eshleman who owns the site and write every single word of this site. I live in Odessa, TX  and I love to write! DrapeLab.com is all about curtains. We all need curtains for our bedroom, bathroom, guestroom and so on, right? To save time and money and obviously to get the best one, most of us rely on online stores. The problem with online shopping is that you actually don’t see the product while ordering. You need to rely on other’s reviews.  This is where DrapeLab can help you. You can find here not about only the latest curtains, but also how to install them, how to clean them etc.

Why am I doing so? Do I get paid for what I do? Yes, each purchase you make using my link, I get a small commission without costing you a single penny. Whether you use my link or not – you are gonna pay the same price. But if you do use my link, it encourages me and helps to keep running this website.